Just 7 days until the Open Integration Day conference

Just 7 days until the Open Integration Day conference

The Open Integration Day conference is once again gathering together Croatian and world experts from the corporate and IT worlds. Through a series of lectures, round tables and workshops hosted by our partners, visitors can expect a diverse full day programme covering topics of digital infrastructure, digitalisation and automatization of the economy, connecting seemingly unconnectable sectors and security.

The Cloud has already taken the prime position in digital transformation, and the 5G revolution is in its initial phases. In this new environment, we will discuss just how much importance has been placed on the digital infrastructure. Insights on this will be provided by Virag Bela from the consulting firm Arthur D. Little. Despite new technologies, the slowed growth of the European economy has given rise to concerns. Numerous experts see salvation in the digitalisation and automatization of the economy, though specific action plans are still lacking. Why are we lagging behind other European economies, and whether the state provide sufficient initiative to resolve the lacking labour force will be explained by Hrvoje Stojić, director of the economic research department of Addiko Bank Hrvatska.

Germany, Sweden and Estonia are just a few of the European countries basing their economies on the Triple Helix concept. In Croatia, this concept is yet to be developed, though there are bright examples, such as the RONNA robot. This unusual collaboration between medicine and mechanical engineering will be explained by neurosurgeon Prof. Dr. Darko Chudy from the Dubrava Clinical Hospital and Prof. Dr. Bojan Jerbić from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture.

Privacy protection and data protection have become imperatives in operations today. Andro Galinović, chairman of ISACA Croatia Chapter / CISO will acquaint us with the future in which there will be no “non-digital” means of working. Is technology mature enough for this kind of a future, what are the risks and where is the digitalisation of everything leading us?

Digital transformation brings numerous advantages, as well as challenges. Learn how to turn challenges into benefits at the round table ‘Digitalization of operations – challenges and how to recognise them?’ to be moderated by Ivan Maglić, director of Gartner Adriatic/Calisto. Participants in the round table will be Eugen Paić-Karega, member of the management board of Zagrebačka Banka, Bernard Gršić, State Secretary of the Central State Office for the Development of a Digital Society, and Tihomir Šibalić, director of the company Enna Infosense.

Within the conference, 20 innovative new solutions by the company KING ICT and its partners will be presented, with 6 technological workshops also planned. For more information and a detailed programme, please visit the official conference website.




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